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Leslie Cosmetics

An Emphasis on Natural

In 2009, Mark Rival officially gained control of Leslie Cosmetics. After 40 years building Leslie Cosmetics as a formulator and now President, Mark acted on his belief that offering his clients more green, natural formulations - in addition to traditional science-based formulations - was the direction he wanted to take his company.


Science has made great strides in the development of effective anti-aging and skincare technology. However, consumers are now demanding and expecting a choice in the type of cosmetics they are using. To meet this need, Leslie Cosmetics has researched and developed new methods of formulating and compounding that offer their clients the ability to market products that are up to 100% natural. 

Environmental Concerns


Leslie Cosmetics understands that environmental issues represent major concerns to both public and industry. This is why special attention is taken to ensure that all manufactured products meet the needs and justified demands of all involved. Leslie Cosmetics' highly focused Research and Development Laboratories provide key information to make it possible for us to properly assess and promptly react to the needs of our customers—including requests for All Natural Lines or Environmentally Friendly Products. Leslie Cosmetics respects, supports and encourages environmental concerns. With this in mind, we are dedicated to using raw materials and packaging components that will help preserve and maintain the safety of our environment.

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