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Leslie Cosmetics

Company Overview

Leslie Cosmetics pours over 50 years experience into every product we develop and manufacture. Since the early sixties, Leslie Cosmetics has worked closely with clients to custom design the most innovative and highest quality private label anti-aging skincare and bath, body and hair care products. 


Our clients range from multi-national corporations to estheticians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists looking to create products that match their exact specifications. Our industry knowledge, and understanding of what makes a skin or hair care product effective, combined with flexibility in working with our clients, has lead to a growing success in the global market – including North America, the Pacific Rim, Great Britain, the Middle East and Africa.


The Leslie Cosmetics team stays in tune with the ever-changing trends in the industry, and we do so by maintaining a firm insistence on producing only efficacious high-quality products.


Whether you are looking to develop a line of 100% natural products, products formulated using the latest in scientific advancements or a synergistic blend of both approaches, Leslie Cosmetics is up to the task.

A Family Tradition

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Leslie Kelenyi

Although Leslie is no longer with us, it is with great gratitude that we thank him for creating this company and all that he taught us.

Leslie arrived in Canada from Hungary in 1956 with degrees in both civil and chemical engineering. He earned his first international patent in 1962 and he specialized in developing skin creams for over 40 years. With a classic European approach and an encyclopedic understanding of botanical extracts, he was amongst an elite group, constantly redefining the possibilities of cosmetic enhancement.

Mark Rival
President, Chief Formulator

Mark Rival is known globally as the creative force behind Leslie Cosmetic’s stellar reputation in the custom cosmetics manufacturing industry. Trained by his grandfather, Leslie Kelenyi, and now nearly 40 years into his career, Mark has created numerous multi-million dollar selling skincare and custom designed fragrance lines for clients.

His belief in using synergistic blends of the highest quality, world-sourced ingredients, together with the latest bio-active and organic discoveries, ensures that each product Mark creates is infused with his never ending passion for innovation and insistence on efficacious results.

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