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Leslie Cosmetics

Product Development and Manufacturing

Whether it’s developing a high-end line of anti-aging products, an innovative organic or natural eco-friendly line, or reverse engineering an existing product, Leslie Cosmetics is one of the few manufacturers in North America capable of offering an extensive selection of high-quality products. Our clients are encouraged to be interactive in the many steps from concept to finished product. By keeping up on the latest trends in the industry and cutting-edge formulation technology, Leslie Cosmetics remains a leader in its field. All products manufactured by Leslie Cosmetics are uniquely formulated to meet or surpass specific market requirements.

Customized Private Label Products

Here are some of the contract or private label products we manufacture. What the future holds is all in the imagination…


Facial Products

Customized Creams, Serums and Lotions ∙ Cleansing Creams ∙ Cleansing Lotions and Foaming Cleansers ∙ Toners and Astringents ∙ Facial Scrubs ∙ Vitamin and Mineral Mists ∙ Clay Masks ∙ Eye Gels, Balms and Emulsions ∙ Lip Care Ointments ∙ Pre- and After-Shave Preparations. 


Bath, Body & Hair Care Products

Body Lotions and Exfoliants, Hand Creams, Lotions and Masks ∙  Foot Scrubs, Lotions and Masks ∙  Vitaminized Moisture Mists ∙  Massage Oils ∙ Conditioners ∙ Styling Gels ∙ Pomades ∙ Scalp Masks and Treatments ∙ Shower Gels. 


Special Treatments

Natural and Organic Products, AHA/ BHA Creams and Lotions ∙ Anti-Aging Formulations ∙ Skin Lightening Formulas ∙ Acne and Blemish Treatments ∙ Antioxidant Creams and Lotions ∙ Stretch Mark Creams ∙ Firming Creams ∙  Peptide Serums, Enzyme Formulas.

Essential Oil Blends

Essential oils from France are used to create custom blends and unique formulations.


Production Capabilities



Leslie Cosmetics offers its clients services from concepts to shelf-ready products. We formulate and manufacture, then fill, code, label and box finished products in client supplied packaging.


We are one of the few formulator and manufacturing houses that offer smaller minimum order quantities (MOQ's) to help businesses during the start up phase and when introducing new lines.


Quality and Research


Quality Control

Strict quality control and maintenance procedures are top priorities at Leslie Cosmetics. Raw materials and finished products must meet tightly-controlled specifications. Testing includes pH, specific gravity, viscosity, visual appearance, etc. All products are tested as if they were pharmaceuticals. Retained samples from production batches are kept on file for up to two years from the original date of manufacture. In addition, formulations are manufactured to meet the strictest cosmetic regulations. Our commitment to quality and consistency is well recognized in the cosmetics industry.

Raw Materials


An Important Factor

The key to formulating products having superior performance and overall esthetic appeal lies in the careful selection of proven raw materials from world-wide sources, including certified organic and fair-trade sources. Leslie’s ongoing commitment to evaluate the latest developments in skincare technology ensures that we are able to offer innovative products to all of our customers.

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